Types of Vinyl

If you’re new to crafting, we know the amount of information you’re trying to absorb can be overwhelming. In an effort to help you understand the different types of vinyl and their best uses, we have put together this guide. Hope it helps and Happy Crafting!

The Main Two …

There are two primary types of Vinyl, Adhesive Backed Vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).

Adhesive Backed Vinyl is used for making stickers and / or decals. It’s perfect for vehicle graphics, glasses, tumblers, mugs, cups and many other solid surface applications. Small blasts of heat from a hair dryer or heat gun can help you work the material over or into curved or mildly textured surfaces. Applying Adhesive Backed Vinyl requires nothing more than a squeegee or other flat edged object like a credit card if you’re in a bind. This mater is NOT intended for making shirts or other textile products.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is ideal for creating shirts, hats, hoodies, stuffed animals and countless other textile applications. Applying HTV requires an iron or heat press.

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