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Faux Rhinestone HTV Tutorial

Who loves the look of rhinestones but doesn’t love the process or the patience it takes? I’ll raise my hand first!

Thanks to Siser Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl you can create faux rhinestone htv projects in less time and without the headache!

I will be the first to admit I am terrible when it comes to designing. What would take me 3 hours to design, takes me one minute to download via Etsy. I have no shame; I would rather support another creative small business than spend hours trying to create a disaster.

Let’s Pregame! (Wine Not Required, but Not Frowned Upon Either)

For my first faux rhinestone project I thought I’d tackle an SVG of Converse sneakers. When I am not wearing flip flips, chucks are my favorite “Go To” footwear. I am not a high heel girl and in fact; when I worked in banking for 15 years I had a pair of work slippers that I hid under my desk! I’d wear the heels in and then put on my slippers as soon as I got to my desk. Shhh! :)

The SVG File
I purchased the SVG from Stuido874Designs, snagged my instant download and for $3.99 i was right to work!

The Supplies List
T-shirt from Jiffy Shirts
Faux Rhinestone SVG from Etsy
Cutting & Application Instructions for Holographic HTV
Heat Press (I use the StarCraft 15in x 15in Mint Heat Press)
Cricut, Silhouette or Other Vinyl Cutter
Light Grip Mat for Cricut (In My Case)
Siser Holographic HTV

Let’s Get Started!
Alright, now that we have downloaded the SVG, we will need to upload it to Cricut Design Space or Cameo’s system and bring this project to life! For this tutorial I will be using Design Space.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot with Rhinestone Converse Shoes SVG Imported

We are going to insert the design to our current project file and size it up correctly to fit our t-shirt. Since this is a pre-made file I did not feel the need to tweak anything; thus the glory in purchasing a ready made SVG! So Easy!!!

Now I’m ready to cut this beauty! Siser suggests using the Light Cardstock setting on your machine, as the holographic heat transfer has some thickness to it. Trust me, follow the Light Cardstock suggestion or else you’ll be recutting your design. 

Place your holographic heat transfer with the colored, shiny side face down on your mat.

Unlike traditional files, faux rhinestone files tend to take longer to cut. Cut time is going to depend on the size of your file. While I forgot to set a timer, I’d say this file didn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes for it to cut.

This is a great time to fire up your heat press or iron and allow it to warm up while you proceed to the next step. Holographic requires a temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once your file is done cutting, it’s time to weed! Remove the vinyl from your machine and cutting mat. Remove the excess vinyl from around the design and weed out the materials that aren’t needed or part of your final design. What I have left, are my holographic sneakers attached to the carrier sheet.

It’s time to Press! (Are you getting excited too?)

Quick place your shirt on the heat press platen, and give it a 2-3 second press. This preheats the garment and removes excess moisture that could be in the fabric that could cause any adhesion issues.

Align the cut HTV design on your t-shirt

Again, referencing Siser’s Application instructions, my heat press is set to 320 degrees, Medium Pressure and I am going to press this for 15-20 seconds. Holographic is a Cold Peel, so you’ll need to contain your excitement and let your garment cool down before peeling.

Siser Holographic HTV is Cold Peel … Patience Is A Virtue!

Now you’re all done and ready to rock your rhinestone look headache free and patience intact!

P.S. I may now be holographic rhinestone obsessed. I made this additional “Boss Vibes” shirt to wear at the office for days I like to think I’m in charge. I’m still trying to figure out why the VP Crew laughs at me every time I wear it ;)

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