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How to Layer Vinyl

Don’t let the idea of layering adhesive vinyl deter you from creating amazing projects. With this quick tutorial I’ll have you on your way to layering everything and saving the amount of transfer tape you use! 

First things first, make sure you have all of your layers in their various colors, cut out and ready to go. In this case, I will have two layers, a top and a base layer.

Next up you want to select the top layer of your design and cover it with transfer tape. I love using Oracal’s Transfer Tape as it’s clear and has a grid pattern to help line things up. Make sure you rub over the tape several times to properly secure the vinyl to it. I use a squeegee and transfer tape purchased from to ensure I’m not going to have any vinyl peeling up. 

Now we are going to peel the backing paper off, leaving our vinyl still adhered to the transfer tape. 

Grab your base layer of vinyl and your first layer that is still attached to your transfer tape. Now you want to line your layers up carefully and place your first layer on top of your base layer. Often times I will just tack down the center with my finger to make sure I have lined my layers up as they should be. Once I’m satisfied with the positioning, I’ll grab my squeegee and fully secure the top layer to my base layer. Remember, rub over the vinyls and transfer tape several times to ensure the layers stick together securely. 

Next we will peel the backing paper off our base layer. This will leave both layers of vinyl now secured to the transfer tape. 

Time to attach our layers to our project! Simply place the vinyl where you want it on your project, and just like we did before, we are going to rub over the vinyl several times with our squeegee.

Once you are sure you have gotten all the little nooks and crannies of your vinyl secured, simply peel away the transfer tape and Ta Da…you’re all done with your layer vinyl project! 

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