LOCAL ONLY – 1 Pound HTV Scrap Pack


One Scrap Pack Per CUSTOMER. (YES  – YOU CAN GET ONE HTV AND ONE 651 SCRAP PACK IF BOTH AVAILABLE) – If you order more than one back to back in an effort to skirt our request, we will cancel ALL orders.

Adding a scrap pack to your order may add additional days to fulfillment time.

You will receive an email when your scrap pack is available.

We sell scrap packs at nearly zero profit. We put actual time and effort into making sure each and every one includes a variety of colors and materials. Call it our version of a mystery box … If you’ve ever purchased one, you know what we’re talking about.

We want to share that with many of you and not the few that only remember who we are when they want to hoard our scraps.

Get One (1) Pound of Siser HTV Scraps for just $20.00 … As many of you know, our scrap packs are AMAZING and Sell Out in minutes.

We’re very picky about the sheets we sell you so some of these are full 12×15 sheets with small bent corners or blemishes you might not have even noticed … but we did.

These are made of assorted colors and include some HTV glitter.

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Weight 1 lbs