Magnetic Vinyl Sheets

Magnetic Vinyl Sheets are Perfect for making everything from Refrigerator Magnets to Magnetic Car Signs. Our 30 mil magnetic vinyl sheets are waterproof, come with a gloss white front and are durable and strong enough to use on moving vehicles without blowing off.

Cutting magnetic material requires nothing more than a razor blade and straight edge. Simply score the white face, fold, and pull apart. Want a custom shape? Use your Cricut or Cameo to score the white face … it couldn’t be easier.

We recommend using using Oracal 651 to add your design.

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Magnetic Vinyl Sheets

For added longevity and additional sticking power, we suggest you round the corners of any magnetic signs intended for use on vehicles. This prevents “dog ears” that can occur from pulling on the pointed corners making the sign more susceptible to wind and water damage.

Due to the many uncontrollable variables of magnetic sign installation, we do not offer a warranty of this product. All sheets are tested before leaving our facility. We highly suggest you provide installation and maintenance instructions to your customers when selling magnetic signs. Improper installation or care of magnetic signs can result in damage to paint or loss of sign.