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NEW Siser EasyWeed Stretch Application Instructions

How to Apply Siser EasyWeed Stretch

Some users have expressed that EasyWeed® Stretch will not properly adhere to the garment and begins to peel off, especially after the initial wash cycle. To resolve these issues, Siser has published New EasyWeed Stretch Application Instructions.

Because EasyWeed® Stretch is such a thin product, using heat presses and other equipment that provide inconsistent heat or pressure can result in an unfinished application.

While other products (such as EasyWeed® and Glitter) are more forgiving, EasyWeed® Stretch demands that the accurate settings are used to ensure permanent bonding with the fabric.

After thoroughly testing a variety of generic heat press equipment we have determined that, when using the following application settings, EasyWeed® Stretch fully adheres to the garment and washes without issues …

  • Temperature: 320°F / 160°C
  • Press Time: 20 seconds
  • Pressure: Firm

Siser has officially and permanently modified ALL EasyWeed® Stretch application settings to reflect the above specifications.

New SIser EasyWeed Stretch Application Instructions
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