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Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl Mega Roll

Big Box Craft Stores recently released the Siser® EasyWeed® Heat Transfer Vinyl “Mega Roll”. What is the Mega Roll you ask? It’s an 11.88in wide roll of Siser HTV that instead of being 3 feet (1 yard), it’s 5ft. 

For years these big name retailers have sold HTV for astronomical prices, or by artificially inflating their everyday price, and offering you a big % coupon to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside like you’re getting a good deal.

Well … You’re Not!

Vinyl Packs has been selling Siser “Mega Rolls” since 2017 at up to 60% less than what you can expect to pay in the big box stores.

We don’t believe in complicated bait and switch tactics or making your do extra work hunting for coupons. Your time is valuable, you should be spending it crafting!

What You Get at Big Box Craft Stores…
Seriously, 5 feet of HTV for $29.99? (Insert Laughing / Crying Emoji Here!) That’s SIX DOLLARS per square foot … SIX DOLLARS!

What You Get At
Our Everyday Price for Siser EasyWeed 12in x 5ft “Mega Rolls” is $12.99 .. that breaks down to  just $2.59 per square foot.

Want an even BETTER DEAL? Check out our 4, 8, 12, and 16 roll bundles where you can get the price as low as $11 per roll!

So What’s the Difference?
There is NO DIFFERENCE in the Siser EasyWeed material itself. VinylPacks is an Authorized Distributor and we purchase our materials directly from Siser North America … The material is exactly the same.

The only difference is the packaging. We cut out the cost of fancy retail packaging. No cardboard tube, no cute full color label, no shiny shrink wrap that you will throw away … just the HTV you need at less than half the price!

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