Siser EasyWeed – Orange Soda – 12in x 15in


Siser EasyWeed™ is our top selling Heat Transfer Vinyl! The 12in Wide Sheets are Compatible in Cricut, Cameo, Brother, and other Craft Cutting Machines

It’s thinner, more durable, and can be applied at lower temperature using an iron OR heat press machine.

The pressure sensitive carrier sheet makes EasyWeed™ extremely user friendly and dare we say it … easy to weed.

The carrier sheet can be peeled hot or cold and does not lift while weeding.

Orange Soda Heat Transfer Vinyl – Siser EasyWeed™

Siser has over 40 years experience manufacturing HTV. EasyWeed™, our top selling Heat Transfer Vinyl is a favorite amongst industry professionals, crafters, and makers. It has a proven reputation of being reliable, consistent and easy to use.

The Include Carrier Sheet prevents material lift while weeding, and can be peeled either hot or cold. This flexibility allows uninterrupted workflow while producing larger jobs.

It’s important to remember when using EasyWeed that you must cut with the carrier sheet (shiny side) down and mirror your image.

EasyWeed is CPSIA Certified making it safe for decorating children’s clothing and accessories.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 15 in


EasyWeed Color

Orange Soda – 23