Siser EasyWeed Stretch – Black – 12in x 15in


EasyWeed Stretch is the thinnest and lightest of all Siser HTV materials. It delivers all the great Weeding Characteristics of EasyWeed in a thinner more flexible film.

It has an ultra-matte finish & is super soft to the touch.

Stretch is optimal for activewear and performance apparel.

It is CPSIA Certified making it a safe option for children’s clothing.

Stretch Color: Black - 02
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Stretch Size: 12in x 15in Sheet

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Black Siser EasyWeed Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl

NOTICE: Siser recently updated the EasyWeed Stretch Application Instructions. We have written an article about this here. Please make sure you are using the new settings. Stretch EasyWeed is a remarkable HTV film. It can be applied with an Iron or Heat Press, it can be layered, and it can be cut with any plotter or craft cutter on the market today. Stretch is Laser Friendly and CPSIA Certified to be safe on clothing for all ages.

Additional Information

Dimensions 14.8 × 11.8 in




Stretch Size

12in x 15in Sheet

Stretch Color

Black – 02