StarCraft Printable Permanent Vinyl (Matte) – 10 Pack



Printable Permanent Vinyl (Matte)

Create Your Own Stickers or Full Color Designs with Inkjet Printable Vinyl from StarCraft.

Inkjet Printable Vinyl Is Designed to Work With Your At-Home Inkjet Printer and Can Be Used With Your Cricut and Cameo to Contour Cut using print & cut.

We highly suggest laminating your print with StarCraft UV Gloss Laminate or Matte Laminate. This protects the print from harsh elements and extends the life of the image.

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StarCraft Printable Permanent Vinyl

Printing and Application Instructions

1. Print image right-facing (do not mirror) using print-and-cut with your die-cutting machine software. Print on the plain white side (not the side with the logo watermark).

We recommend feeding one sheet at a time when printing. Do not load with other media types. Some printers may have difficulty feeding thicker substrates such as printable vinyl, especially flat tray fed printers.

Some printers flip the paper during the printing process. To find out how your printer works, we recommend marking a plain sheet of paper on one side, running a simple test print, and seeing if that mark is on the side that comes out printed or blank. This will help you understand how to put your printable vinyl into your printer.

2. Use your die-cutting software and machine to cut around image.

3. Peel and stick image to surface. For best results, surface should be clean, dry, and smooth (non-porous). Do not use window or other ammonia-based cleaners. Rubbing alcohol is recommended for cleaning surfaces prior to application.

4. Use of transfer tape may damage printed image and is not recommended. Testing is recommended before using transfer tape. If you are using our UV Laminate to protect the image, transfer tape will not likely work or be difficult to use because the UV Laminate is specially formulated to repel adhesives, dirt, grime, and other contaminates.

Care Instructions

1. Do Not use in the dishwasher or microwave.

2. Inkjet printed vinyl is more prone to damage if handled or exposed to harsh elements. Apply StarCraft UV laminate prior to cutting with your die-cutting machine to get the best protection.

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