StarCraft UV Laminate (Gloss) – 10 Pack


UV Vinyl Laminate (Gloss)

Protect Your Inkjet Printed Vinyl with UV Gloss Laminate from StarCraft.

StarCraft UV Laminate extends the life of images you’ve printed on StarCraft Printable Permanent Adhesive Vinyl by protecting them from harmful UV rays and harsh elements.

DO NOT Print On UV Laminate

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Application Instructions

1. Print images onto StarCraft inkjet printable adhesive vinyl using a standard desktop inkjet printer. (no laser printers)

2. Apply StarCraft UV Laminate over the design carefully using a squeegee to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles. Apply only enough to cover your printed design.

3. Cut around your design using print and cut technology with a die-cutting machine or by hand if you have skills like that. Additional pressure or multiple cuts is normally required since the laminate adds another layer.

4. Peel & stick your design to a clean, dry, wax-free surface.

Additional Knowledge

UV laminate is specially formulated to repel dirt, water, and adhesives. This means the use of transfer tape may be difficult or even impossible. We recommend simply peeling and sticking your design onto the destination surface. If your design has small parts that are separated, this may complicate application.

Care Instructions

1. Do Not use in the dishwasher or microwave.

2. Inkjet printed vinyl is more prone to damage if handled or exposed to harsh elements. Apply StarCraft UV laminate prior to cutting with your die-cutting machine to get the best protection.

Additional information

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