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Types of Vinyl?

Which Vinyl Should I Use?

Wondering which vinyl to use for your sign or craft project? We’re glad you asked!

FYI: Before I ventured into the vinyl distribution business, I spent nearly 20 years working with the vinyl materials we now sell. Whether you’re looking to learn about Outdoor Vinyl, Indoor Vinyl, or Heat Transfer Vinyl … We’ve got you covered. We put each and every material we sell to the test before we ever offer it to our customers. Your reputation is just as valuable to us as our own.

What vinyl should i use?

Ultimately, there are two main types of vinyl used for crafting, signs, and other creative projects. The type of vinyl you use depends on your project and the material you wish to apply the vinyl. Let’s break it down!

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is primarily used for signs, decals, and most solid surface projects. By solid surface we mean materials such as glass, vehicles, windows, keychains and more.

There are two types of Adhesive Vinyl and you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right kind for your project. Most adhesive vinyls are classified as permanent or removable.

Quick Tip: Adhesive Vinyl is often referred to as 651 vinyl. While 651 vinyl is a brand of adhesive vinyl, referring to all pressure sensitive vinyls as 651 would be incorrect. The simplest explanation (Thanks to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) would be “While all Jacuzzis are Hot Tubs, Not all Hot Tubs are Jacuzzis”.

Outdoor Permanent Vinyl

Oracal 651 Outdoor Vinyl is perfect for car decals, vehicle lettering, tumblers, mugs, signs and most outdoor projects. Oracal 651 has a clear, solvent based adhesive that is rated for 4-6 years outdoors. While it’s considered “permanent” it can be removed in most cases with some heat and patience. Oracal 651 comes in 64 beautiful colors.

Having spent nearly 20 years in the sign business, I used Oracal 651 Vinyl more than any other material. It’s bright, vibrant and cuts and weeds effortlessly.

From lettering cups and tumblers to creating vehicle graphics, Oracal 651 is our go-to vinyl for it’s versatility and ease of use.

NEW: 2020 Oracal 651 Color Charts In Stock! Color charts are a vital tool for anyone making vinyl graphics. Variations in computer and phone screens make it impossible to color match. There is no substitution for having actual samples of each 651 color.

Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

Glitter Adhesive Vinyl can be a fun and unique way to add sparkle to your tumbler, sign or project. VinylPacks offers several glitter vinyl options.

Etched Glass Vinyl

Glass Etch Vinyl allows your to create beautiful rich looking designs that appear to be etched in glass. Whether creating a one of a kind wine glass or adding scenic design or monogram to your glass door, etched glass vinyl will surely wow both you and your customer.

StarCraft HD Vinyl

The StarCraft Vinyl brand is new in recent months. StarCraft originally brought unique holographic to the market, but has recently expanded their lineup to include StarCraft HD, a competitor to Oracal 651. If you’re wondering why we do not carry this material yet, it’s in testing! As we said above, we trust our reputation and yours to Oracal 651. It has 20 years of proven performance. Once we complete our StarCraft HD vs Oracal 651 test, we will be sure to post the findings here! :)

Indoor Removable Adhesive Vinyl

Siser EasyPSV Removable Vinyl is our indoor removable vinyl or choice. This beautiful matte finish vinyl features a water based removable adhesive that removes clean from interior walls and surfaces.

Removable vinyl is also widely used in the automotive world for adding pricing and payment information to the windshields of cars and trucks on the lot.

Oracal 631 is mostly for indoor use and has a matte finish with a water based adhesive that is designed to be removed without leaving any sticky residue or glue behind. Oracal 631 is perfect for interior wall art or quotes and is suitable for use on painted walls or other surfaces that are not exposed to outdoor elements.

Which vinyl to use for shirts?

Heat Transfer Vinyl

HTV | Iron On Vinyl | Heat Press Vinyl
Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV for short, is used for making fabric based projects such as T-shirts, Onesies, Bags, Pillow Cases and more. HTV works on just about any textile and can even be applied to card stock to make beautiful paper creations and breathtaking holiday or event cards.

Siser EasyWeed is our most popular Heat Transfer Vinyl, and for good reason … It’s the best! EasyWeed HTV comes in over 50 brilliant colors. If you’re looking for a go-to vinyl for your shirts, this is it!

Heat Transfer Vinyl Patterns

Looking to go beyond solid colors? VinylPacks creates beautiful pattern heat transfer vinyl in-house. Our exclusive designs are created by our amazing designers and feature a beautiful matte finish that are soft to the touch.

Printable Vinyl & Transfers

Wondering how to create your own full color stickers or add an image to your t-shirt? Check out StarCraft Inkjet Printable Vinyl!

StarCraft Printable Transfers for Dark Materials allows you to create vibrant, full color patterns and images for your dark colored shirts right from your at-home inkjet printer. You can also use these in your cricut or cameo to create a print & cut design.

Cricut Vinyl

We are often asked: What’s the difference in Cricut Vinyl and the brands you sell.

We cannot express enough how great the Cricut and Cameo machines are.

That being said, we have not had a great experience using Cricut brand vinyl or HTV. Typically these materials have been rolled around a 1in core, sat in a hot shipping container as they made their way from overseas, and by the time they make it to a warehouse, onto retail shelves and into your hands they have experienced a bunch of unknown variables.

As someone who has spent two decades in the vinyl graphics industry, it’s my recommendation that you stick with brands that have long track record of proven performance.

In most cases, the proven brands name materials are more cost effective as these companies are focused on making vinyl and not machines.

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