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VSCO Girl Craft Project

Is this real life?

Is anyone else having flashbacks to the early 90’s where scrunchies and Birkenstocks were cool?

Raise your hand if you have an amazing daughter who ranges in age 10 to 15 and suddenly went from not caring what others think, to a World Activists that cares about saving turtles and speaks a foreign language full of “SKSKSK and I oop?”

VSCO Girl Sweatshirt Tutorial

One who is “offended” if you don’t carry a HydroFlask covered in stickers, and who only uses a metal straw, because again, “Save the Turtles!”

If you had told me 25 years ago that those superbly comfortable, double strap leather sandals would be back in style, I would have laughed. I would have adjusted my corduroy pants and kept on moving.

I figure there are more important things to stress about, so if you can’t beat them, then join them!

Mom on a mission!

On a mission to create the perfect VSCO swag for my girl, I headed over to Etsy. Looking to find an SVG or two that I could snag to create a sweatshirt with my trusty Cricut and some HTV (heat transfer vinyl). I found the perfect SVG from RosenCustomCreations.

After a quick “Add to Cart” and $.99 later, I was downloading, importing and ready to cut!

For this project i used Siser EasyWeed Stretch sheets in Passion PinkPurple BerrySea GlassSweet Mint and Black.

Once I uploaded the SVG file to Design Space, I adjusted the wording size to fit the hooded sweatshirt that I would be pressing the design on.

Helpful Tip: When laying out a design made with a few different colors, create a “weed box” around the individual image elements. This will help you keep even spacing and align your images.

To create a weed box, simply insert a rectangle or square; which ever is best to fit your design in. Once you have inserted the shape, send the image to the back using your “Arrange” tab at the top of the Design Space toolbar. Now it will appear behind your SVG image.

Next you should center your SVG image and your weed box together horizontally. To do so, use your “Align” tab, which is located in the Design Space toolbar as well.

After cutting my images out, I’m ready to bring this VSCO sweatshirt to life!

Siser EasyWeed Stretch should be pressed at 320 degrees for 20 seconds using firm pressure. Don’t forget to preheat your garment for 2-3 seconds first to get things warmed up.

Remember, patience isn’t needed as Siser EasyWeed Stretch can have its carrier sheet peeled while hot or cold.

Now that we’re all done can we talk about bringing corduroy back again?

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